[Construction] [Electric] [Grounds/Streets] [Incarcerated] [Parks & Rec] [Sewer] [Transportation] [Water]
Construction Department
Electric Department
(L to R)  Lloyd Gidens, Larry Cooper (Supervisor)
(L to R)  Scott McKinney, Ron (Bubba) Troutman, Mike Williams, Wilber Akers, Mike Sparks (Supervisor), and Delane Moore
Grounds/Streets Department
Joe Kirkman (Supervisor)  Not shown, Dale Adey
Parks & Recreation Department
Sewer Department
Jim Root (Supervisor)
(L to R)  Jerry Jackson (Supervisor), and Joe Mainer
Public Transportation Department
Danny Carter (Supervisor/Driver)
Water Department
(L to R)  Harley Coulter, Travis Campbell, Jonathan Clifton, and Darrell Vandivort (Supervisor)
Incarcerated Crew
Gary Reiner (Supervisor)
(L to R) Jonathan Clifton, Scott McKinney, Jim Root, Harley Coulter, Travis Campbell, Joe Kirkman, Gary Reiner, Darrell Vandivort, Wilber Akers, Mike Williams, Ron (Bubba) Troutman, Mike Sparks, and Delane Moore.  (Not included) Dale Adey, Danny Carter, Larry Cooper, Lloyd Gidens, Jerry Jackson, and Joe Mainer.
City Maintenance Department