The City of
Houston, Missouri
City Council
Name Ward Term Expires
  Mary Barnes 1 May 1, 2017
  Joe Honeycutt 1 May 1, 2018
  Charles "Chalky" Wells 2 May 1, 2017
  Sheila Walker 2 May 1, 2018
  David Arthur 3 May 1, 2017
  Viki Narancich 3 May 1, 2018
Planning & Zoning Board
(4 year term appointment)
Name Term Expires
  Carl Honeycutt 2019
  Steve Hutcheson, Chairman 2019
  Willy Johnson 2018
  Rita Ruckert 2018
  Joe Stockard 2020
  Angie Gettys 2017
  Charles Shea 2020
  Sheila Walker, City Council  
  Mary Barnes, City Council  
  Larry Sutton, City Administrator  
  Don Tottingham, Mayor  
   Board of Adjustment
(5 year term appointment)
Name Term Expires
  Gene Gentry 2021
  John Stenger 2020
  Roger Holder, Chairman 2019
  Dennis Maxwell 2018
  Bonnie McElroy 2017
Parks & Recreation Board
(3 year term appointment)
Name Term Expires
  Toni McKinney, Chairman 2017
  Fawn Bell, V Chair 2018
  Glen Abney 2018
  Missy Gayer 2018
  Mike Kelly 2019
  Kim Bittle 2019
  Mike Pacheco 2019
  Jerry Spencer 2019
Heather Sponsler, Secretary  
City Directory
City Hall Phone:  417 967-3348
Mayor City Administrator City Clerk City Attorney
Don Tottingham Larry Sutton Tonya Foster Brad Eidson
email: email: email:  
  City Council Committees
  Public Grounds & Airport Joe Honeycutt, Chairman
Charles "Chalky" Wells
Viki Narancich
  Utilities & Building Viki Narancich, Chairman
Charles "Chalky" Wells
Joe Honeycutt
  Economic Development David Arthur, Chairman
Joe Honeycutt
Sheila Walker
  Finance Sheila Walker, Chairman
Joe Honeycutt
David Arthur
  Personnel Mary Barnes, Chairman
Sheila Walker
David Arthur
  Police & Fire Charles "Chalky" Wells, Chairman
Mary Barnes
Viki Narancich
   Mayor Appointments
(April 2015)
Position Person Appointed
  City Administrator   Larry Sutton
  City Clerk   Tonya Foster
  City Attorney   Brad Eidson
  Police Chief   Tim Ceplina
  Municipal Judge   Mike Anderson
  Fire Chief   Joey Moore
  City Treasurer   Bruce Wilson
  Emergency Management Director   Jeremy St John
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  IDA Board
(6 year term appointment)
Name Term Expires
  Eric Wells 2020
  Tom Dunn 2021
  Justin Shelby 2017
  Carl Honeycutt,Chairman 2018
  Brad Rees 2019